Toad for SAP Solutions

Improve SAP database development, administration and performance.

Simplify the day-to-day tasks of DBAs and spend more time on innovation. Toad for SAP Solutions automates frequent and repetitive tasks, eliminates performance-tuning challenges and streamlines SQL optimization so you can focus on higher-priority projects. Take advantage of simple-to-use query builders and SQL editors, data-modeling functionality, powerful SAP database tuning, maintenance- and change-management tools, easy collaboration through Toad Intelligence Central, visual database maps and more. Toad for SAP Solutions supports SAP ASE, SAP HANA, SAP IQ, and SAP SQL Anywhere.


Support for SAP HANA

Minimize the learning curve of SAP HANA with the familiar look and feel of Toad. Plus, benefit from deep functional expertise for developing HANA applications, and managing HANA database objects and users.

SQL Editor

Quickly and easily build SQL with minimal keystrokes or use the visual query builder and never touch your keyboard. Generate queries and reports and perform SQL development and optimization faster.

Powerful task automation

Automate and schedule frequent and repetitive tasks.

Easy object management

Create and manipulate database objects through intuitive GUIs, and easily view dependency information for an object.


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